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Featuring products that are reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.  

Carefully chosen for busy, environmentally conscious people, like yourself.


Who are we

An imperfectly perfect family, trying to make better choices

We are the FAB Family- a blended family of 7. We're by no means the perfect family when it comes to making choices that don't further negatively impact our environment. But, we are trying. So, we are implementing some changes and trying to create less waste to end up in our landfills. If you're anything like us, you're busy. So we are sharing some of our "picks" that might also help you out. Cuz after all, who has time to figure that all out themselves? 

Be sure to check out the FAB Family's Zero Waste blog, where we are chronicling this adventure. 

FAB = Fiander Ashe Belyea Family... otherwise known as FABulous ;)

Gift Wrap

Recyclable Kraft Paper

Yes!! A wrapping paper that works for every season or occasion. And the best thing... you can recycle it! Bling it up with some rafia, recyclable gift tags and you have a sweet, eco-friendly wrapped masterpiece.  


Nature's ribbon. 

Recyclable Gift Tags

If you still like a traditional gift tag, why not get one that shows you care for the environment...

Fabric Drawstring Gift Bags

Did you leave your wrapping until last minute? Feeling kinda lazy?  Fabric drawstring gift bags are the way to go!


Wool dryer balls

Never throw out another dryer sheet again when you use reusable wool dryer balls. Even better yet- no chemicals!

scent for dryer balls

If you're like us and still enjoy a scent in your laundry after drying, you might want to consider adding a natural scent to your dryer balls. 

laundry strips

Best invention ever made! I haven't lugged home jugs of laundry detergent for over a year. 

Home & Cleaning

compostable sponges

Mind blown! Did you know you can get compostable sponges that look like traditional kitchen sponges? 

compostable garbage bags

We all need and use garbage bags. Why not use compostable garbage bags that won't add contribute to a growing landfill?

Reusable fabric "paper" towels

Those of these with patterns couldn't get any cuter.  Simply throw into the washer and dryer, then reuse. 

cloth napkins

Such a variety, it's hard to choose!

Beauty & Personal

makeup remover pads

A variety to choose from. If you're worried about staining, consider the black. 

Eco-Friendly toothbrushes and floss

Dental floss picks made from cornstarch and biodegradable... floss made from bamboo fibres... bamboo toothbrushes...

cotton swabs and ear swabs

Biodegradable, made from bamboo or reusable ear swab. Take your pick!

menstrual products

Ladies, we can make better choices while considering the environment. We now have many types of menstrual cups to choose from, washable pads and "period" leak-free underwear.

For Lunches

"Paper" lunch. bags

Ok, so they aren't paper at all. They are a reusable throw-back version to the traditional lunch paper bag. But way cuter. 

biodegradable food containers with lids

Uhhh... why doesn't every restaurant use these as takeout containers? They're brilliant! Sending leftovers with someone and you know you won't get your containers back... this is the solution!

plant-based and bamboo reusable cutlery sets

Plant-based cutlery that looks like plastic, but isn't. You'll never need plastic utensils again if you're prepared with one of these sets.

reusable snack bags

So adorable, your kids will want to eat all the healthy veggies you packed.


compostable poop bags

Great for puppy training!

biodegradable pee pads

compostable litter boxes, liners and litter

Certainly makes a cat lover's life a lot easier. 

biodegradable food bowls

Especially ideal for those who are caring for a number of animals, such as animal shelters. 

Learn more...

We all know that sustainability and earth-friendly practices are important. But changing everyday items we've become reliant on is hard!  The good news though- it is possible. For more information check out our selected list of reading materials and resources. 

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