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5 Best Reusable Lunch Bags… that You’ll Actually Want to Use

By Jennifer FAB Family

March 4, 2022

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I remember the feeling of getting a new lunch bag- no, not as a child, but as an adult. Starting a new job, treating myself to a new lunch bag, fun containers to pack in it, and a brand-spankin’-new water bottle. I’d feel like such a big girl trotting off to the office. 

There’s nothing like a new lunch bag. Especially a stylish lunch bag, that you’ll actually use.

Of course, if you have children, especially teenagers, they will eye your lunch bag with envy and try to steal it when you’re not paying attention. To try to keep them from taking mine, I bought super cool lunch boxes such as the retro tin-style. The Minions and Bob Ross (happy little accidents). I even snuck one (fully packed) into the teenager’s bookbag so that it would be a big welcome surprise when she opened her bag at school. That’s the kind of super cool mom I am. 

Nowadays, I work from home (usually). The odd time however, I get to do something away from the house that warrants me packing a lunch. And when I do, I crack open my lovely personal lunch bag. 

In my zero waste research, I was delighted to find some really stylish bags that I love. So much that I need to find a way to justify buying a few more. Maybe one for every day of the week? If I start packing a lunch every day at home and using it… I dunno. I will eventually think of something. 

But today, I’m sharing with you the ultimate, best reusable lunch bags. In no particular order: 

1. Brown Paper Bag

I’m kind of in love with this brown “paper” bag lunch bag. It looks like a regular old traditional brown paper bag, but it is far from it. The description says it’s “wearable”. Don’t make the mistake I did and wonder how you strap it on to wear it (duh). It has an insulated interior, is tear resistant and is very affordable. 

The Brown Paper Bag

2. The Out of the Woods Bag

Out of the Woods makes very classic looking lunch bags. Some of these look similar to the brown paper bag as discussed above, but others being quite different. They have a higher price point than the previous bags, but obviously have great workspersonship (zoom in on that stitching!)

Here is a tote style… 

Out Of the Woods Tote Bag

And here is a style of theirs that is reminiscent of the brown paper bag, but in canvas, and shows off a very stylish buckle closure. My husband would probably steal this one from me. 

Out of the Woods Brown Bag

3. Fit + Fresh Lunch Bag

I have to admit, this one in this style made my heart skip a beat. I’m trying to think of a way I can justify buying it. I’m sure you agree with me- super cute. It holds more than typical lunch bags, and even comes with matching accessories. Need I say more??

Fit + Fresh Lunch Bag

4. Lekesky Lunch Bags

Oh! Oh! Oh! 

Another one I’m in love with. But, not only do they have a lunch bag, they also have a matching bag that you can strap to your back. I think this one would definitely be a perfect one for me. I’m often pushing my son in his wheelchair, so anything that has the ability to strap to my back is much loved. I’m guessing all you stroller pushing parents feel the same. 

Lekesy Lunch Bag

And the backpack: 

Lekesky Back Pack (matching)

They have other really fun styles too. 

5. Scorlia Lunch Bag

Scorlia has quite a number of different style lunch bags to choose from. The traditional tote.. Ones that look more like canvan boxes… one of my favorites (for the backpack option of course) is the one that you can carry 3 different ways. They’ve included a nifty video on here so you can see how much this can carry, plus how to adjust the straps. Love it. 

Scorlia Lunch Bag Backpack

So there you have it. More like 5 Best Lunch Bags Plus a Few Extra. If you can’t find something from this list that you like… well, there is clearly something wrong with you 🙂

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