February 4


DUDE. These Straws Are Life Changing

By Jennifer FAB Family

February 4, 2022

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Awhile ago, our family (like pretty much everyone else’s) jumped on the whole reusable straw thing. Seemed great at the time. We have plastic ones. We have metal ones that even came with a tiny little brush for cleaning. But here’s the thing- no one takes the time to use the brush. Except for me.

Yup. Teenagers suck sometimes. But that’s another post.

The thought of what is growing in those straws… it grosses me out. I remember when my kids were wee and they used to use those sippy cups. And you’d take them apart to wash, but you couldn’t get all the (blah) mold (hurl) out of all the little crevices. But that was good for the immune system, right?

Not my immune system.

I happened to find another reusable straw at the grocery store one day. Wow-ee. They open. Like, they split open, so you can run your soapy finger easily through there. And you can SEE with your own eyes how clean it is in there. And then they actually easily close back up with just a little pressure- and maintain a seal so you don’t end up covered in your favourite beverage.


You are welcome.

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