February 2


Knock cutlery set

Introducing… the Knork. No, not a Knightly Dork. It’s a Knife Fork. And Spoon. In a Case. And Eco-Friendly, Gosh Darn-it

By Jennifer FAB Family

February 2, 2022

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So, my very fussy daughter (you know who you are) has some quirks around certain things. Fair enough, so do I. But unfortunately, it’s usually me that they’re driving crazy because I’m the one trying to accommodate them. I was proud of myself this time, because I think I did it! Although I have thought so before. We will seen in time.

She had wanted dedicated cutlery that was for her lunch only, that would be protected by some kind of case if it were clean (hadn’t been used yet). And that she could put the dirty utensils in after use without messing up her lunch bag.

I put all my great research skills to use (thanks Amazon!) and looked for something that met these needs, but that looked a bit fun so she would actually use it.

The Knork.

But get this- this stylish puppy LOOKS like plastic, but it isn’t! It’s made from bamboo fibres and sugar cane. The pieces have a beautiful smooth texture, perfect for anyone with an aversion to rough hard surfaces. (There seemed to be a lot of those rough cutlery sets available and I knew that wouldn’t fly with her).

Believe it or not, the Knork is fully compostable- the packaging AND the cutlery and the case. BUT, it can go in the dishwasher to be cleaned, supposedly 450+ times. That’s incredible!

So, why aren’t all “plastics” being made with materials like these? My guess would be that the process takes longer, not everyone has the technology yet to do so, and because the cost is higher, making it significantly more expensive for businesses. Well, responsible consumers… we need to start actively telling companies that we will not settle for less and make these changes happen.


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