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It’s All Fun and Loofah Until Someone Scratches Their Scrotum Off

By Jennifer FAB Family

February 2, 2022

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I always get a kick out of the little puffy pink scrubby that hangs in the shower. No, not mine. In fact, I don’t think I’ve used one since 1999, after finding it destroyed in the hallway- the apparent victim of a successful nighttime hunt led by the household feline.

No, that exfoliating beauty product belongs to my husband. While I generally skip the whole exfoliating step, he’s in there all naked-like working up a great lather with his “manly” scented body wash.

So when I mentioned incorporating some eco-friendly products into our routine, he said he was willing to try the all-natural loofah sponges in lieu of his usual nylon scrubby. I purchased a package of 3, expecting that I’d be putting one in his Christmas stocking – I mean, that Santa would- and… leaving the other 2 out for Santa to put into 2 of the teenagers’ stockings.

When they arrived in the mail I immediately ditched that plan. They looked a little intimidating. I thought I’d better experiment with him first and leave the teenagers out of it, until we had good home reviews anyway.

For convenience, these loofah sponges had strings attached to them, to hang in the shower. They don’t grow in the wild like that, at least, I don’t think they do.

Yes, the wild. They were once a living thing. After a bit of research I found that they can be edible in the early stages, but the carcass of the fully ripened plant can be used as a scrubber. If the idea of rubbing your naked self all over with something that is the skeleton of a once living thing is weird for you- get over it. It feels FAN-TASTIC. Well, for me anyway. Hubby thought it was a little too harsh, which he isn’t wrong. Personally I loved the good scratch it gave. Maybe just avoid your face. And perhaps your sensitive bits.

Ah… maybe that’s what hubby was complaining about. Men are such delicate creatures sometimes. They need to add a warning label: CAUTION * MAY INJURE SCROTUM, USE WITH CAUTION

Nonetheless, I love getting a scratchy shower massage from the Skeleton of Vegetables Past. Two raw thumbs up from me.

Appreciative Earth inhabitant.

Grateful mother and wife.
Partially tolerant of cats who eat my plants.
Professional Dog Poop Picker-upper.
Traumatized by "country spiders".

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