January 13


Product Review- The Compostable Sponge (Composty)

By Jennifer FAB Family

January 13, 2022

compostable sponge, eco-friendly cleaning, zero waste cleaning

When I began on this journey to try to use less waste I didn’t realize what a variety of items I was going to find. Hey, maybe that’s because someone hadn’t yet designed the website Zero Waste Made Easy 😉

Shameless plug on my own website, I know. I’m a total dork.

One of the things that surprised me the most is how many cleaning items you can get that are compostable. I was aware of environmentally-friendly cleaners, but completely unaware of the tools needed to use the cleaners. Thanks largely in part to bamboo, you can clean your house and then feel good about when you finally toss the item you’re cleaning it with.

What I’ve found even more surprising is that even though something is made to compost, it is durable. You’d think it would break down quickly when wet or soiled… but you’d think wrong if you did. This makes it much more cost effective to buy such things, as you know you’ll get long wear out of them. Let’s face it, often these items are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Here’s hoping that once the word on them is out there, demand will get them into stores everywhere and costs will be comparable to the cheap-o plastic versions we’ve been cluttering our landfills up with for years.

Today I’d like to speak specifically of my experiences with Composty Compostable Sponges.

Ok, these things are cool. What are they made from? Natural cellulose. Not sure what that means? I didn’t. According to ScienceDirect.com

Natural cellulose fillers such as fibers and particles and are lightweight, environmentally friendly, renewable, abundantly available and biodegradable. Natural cellulose fibers like sisal, banana, kenaf, flax, jute, hemp, pineapple leaf and coir are the most commonly used fibers to reinforce polymers.

Science Direct

Rather than bore you with more reading, when you can look at my super awesome beginner Tiktok videos, I won’t. The really great thing about this company in particular is that they also plant trees when you purchase a box of sponges. What kind of tree? No idea. But if you find out, be sure to leave a comment.


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