December 27


Zero Waste Christmas- the good, the bad and the twiggy

By Jennifer FAB Family

December 27, 2021

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I did it. 

I pulled off a much more environmentally-friendly Christmas. It all started with my determination to keep some gift wrap out of the landfill. My being gift-wrap-friendly included using recyclable paper and decorations provided by Mother Nature herself.

Note to self, and others: if adding needled branches to gifts as decorations, do not do so too early, as the needles fall off and make a mess. That’s right. Just start with plain old twigs from the get-go.

The brown paper wrap… I’d totally use again.

The coloured raffia– another super investment.

I *thought* I had bought reusable fabric bags, which I was really looking forward to using, only to find out that they were not fabric, but were indeed cellophane gift bags. However, being a very durable cellophane, they were certainly reusable (the ones we used in-home I flattened afterwards to keep for next season). I must admit- I loved these. They were so easy to use, so FAST to use. Of course, I can only assume that true fabric ones would also be. Next time I will be more diligent and order the fabric ones.

The past few years I’ve tried to get my wrapping done early enough that I’m not scrambling Christmas Eve to finish it up. After all, who wants to be doing that Christmas Eve when they could be relaxing? Besides, it seems pointless to wrap something that is only hours from then going to be ripped off in a flurry?

But I failed. I failed yet again.

But- parents everywhere!! I found the solution for those of you who wrap stocking stuffers (you know, when the elves don’t have the time to do so…) but don’t like to take the time to hand wrap each one with paper and tape. Who has time for that??

The solution? TISSUE PAPER.

eco friendly stocking stuffer wrap

One large package of kraft tissue paper was enough for me to wrap not one, not two, but ALL of our family members’ stocking stuffers.

And we have a lot of family members.

Simply take a sheet of tissue, quickly scrunch it all up around the item, shove into the stocking… repeat until done. Quick. Easy. Quick. Easy.

Also, eco-friendly! Compost it, recycle it, whichever. Wham, bam, done.


Overall, I’d have to say it was a success. My eco-friendly Christmas wasn’t done with the gift wrap though, I also incorporated quite a number of zero-waste items into my family’s stockings. As we test them out, I’ll post updates on how well we like them and if we will continue using them. Stay tuned!

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